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Have You Got / Do You Have?

Dalam bahasa Inggris, kita pernah belajar mengenai have dan have got. Apa bedanya? Nah, kebanyakan orang nggak tahu bedanya. Dan saya yang tidak puas dengan jawaban guru saya pada saat itu mencoba mencari perbedaannya. Dan Alhamdulillah, berikut catatan saya mengenai have dan heve got. Semoga bermanfaat.


Both of HAVE GOT and HAVE have a different in British and American.
HAVE GOT is the usual verb in British. They use it to show possesion etc. in positive statements, negative and questions :
they have got a wonderful house
we haven't got a horse
have you got a breakfast?
HAVE is also used, but it is more formal :
have you an appointment?
i have no objection to finish this work
In past tense, forms with did have are usually used
they had got a wonderful house
In American, HAVE and forms with do/does/did is the usual way to show possesion, etc. n positive, negative and questions :
do you have a meeting today?
And HAVE GOT is not used in questions, but it is usually used in positive statements, especially to emphasize that somebody has only thing rather than another :
does your brother have brown hair? No, he's got a blond hair
Both in British and American, HAVE forms with do/does/did are used when you're referring to a habbit or routine :
in my country, people usually have a large family
we don't often have time to talk
do you ever had headaches?
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(source : Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

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